The Wish Collection is a young contemporary fashion line for fun and flirty women. Their seasonal styles reflect the bold and striking colors that cheerful women and the youth alike love to wear!


Billie Hilliard Jewelry

The inspirational and empowered Billie Hilliard, has created a line inspired by her grandmothers heirlooms.  Her pieces are beautiful and hand-made.  The care and quality that goes into each piece I can see in each piece I hold.   Billie and I have had a relationship now for a few years and with each new addition the quality of her pieces never change.  She is always and utterly surprising us with the most unique jewelry and at a price that is perfect for your special someone.

Shop here for her latest.


The Sewing Project

April 26, 2013

Vintage fabric buy leads to pillows and art with great company.  I had the pleasure of spending an evening sewing with Heath Coach Katie Glass in New York City.    Glass and Chase together creating art.   I am so lucky to have one of my best friends living nearby.

Finding a balance in our lives can be tough with “all of the things we have to do”.

Find Balance with Katie Glass to assist you in becoming the best you!


She Blames Me Jewelry

February 22, 2013

I had the unique pleasure these past four months working with mother – daughters Virginia Kolb, Harvin Eadon, and Meyer Eadon in designing and developing their chic jewelry line, She Blames Me.  The mother daughters team teamed up with the Style Network and other Atlanta mothers and daughters to promote their jewelry line and tell the story.  The show is called Big Rich Atlanta and is currently rolling!

Join us in celebrating the jewelry collection, by purchasing your very own She Blames Me necklace here.

Best of luck to She Blames Me!



January 15, 2013

Lumina Full Shot-4 Atlanta Botanical, Serenbe, & Tian Justman

The Sprite who walks the lawns of Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Serenbe commissioned this project to support the marketing efforts of the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Holiday light show.

Costume Design: Tian Justman and Ashley Chase



Fashion Illustrations

October 12, 2012



romano ad

October 12, 2012

These were a few concepts for the company Romano Firenze shoe company (Firenze or Florence, Italy) using . when I was living there studying for my Bachelors at Polimoda in Florence.


What’s Your Threshold

August 21, 2012


One of Atlanta’s finest Contemporary Art Presentation Organizations’ moves its audience in August with their newest dance performance The Threshold Project.  The Lucky Penny Organization’s creative minds choreographer Blake Beckham and Art Director Malina Rodriguez conceptualized and brought together over 70 volunteers, artists, and other community members to help create a live cardboard house as the stage.

Costume design by Tian Justman and Ashley Chase



Threshold Project


Zoetic Dance

August 13, 2012

Zoetic Dance Ensemble: Atlanta dance group, sensual artists, moving embracing each moment with emotion.

Thanks to hip and professional Photographer Leah Roth and Zoetic Choreographer Melanie Lynch-Blanchard.



August 2, 2012

Photograph by Rickelle Gurell

At a mysterious venue with organic light and sharp objects, a magical tale was told through the month of April 2012 at Atlanta’s art community The Goat Farm.

Rua|Wülf, a modified version of the classic fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” told by a traveling guide each evening at sundown.

I was honored to be asked by SAIAH performing group to create the costume for the character Wülf.  The pictures in this gallery are to show the development it took to create the Wülf costume. Thank you!

Promotional video