A Portfolio of Jewelry Design

Billie Hilliard Jewelry

The inspirational and empowered Billie Hilliard, has created a line inspired by her grandmothers heirlooms.  Her pieces are beautiful and hand-made.  The care and quality that goes into each piece I can see in each piece I hold.   Billie and I have had a relationship now for a few years and with each new addition the quality of her pieces never change.  She is always and utterly surprising us with the most unique jewelry and at a price that is perfect for your special someone.

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She Blames Me Jewelry

February 22, 2013

I had the unique pleasure these past four months working with mother – daughters Virginia Kolb, Harvin Eadon, and Meyer Eadon in designing and developing their chic jewelry line, She Blames Me.  The mother daughters team teamed up with the Style Network and other Atlanta mothers and daughters to promote their jewelry line and tell the story.  The show is called Big Rich Atlanta and is currently rolling!

Join us in celebrating the jewelry collection, by purchasing your very own She Blames Me necklace here.

Best of luck to She Blames Me!


Fallon Balmes wedding gift


Live Ring

November 15, 2008

My first time experience at being a bench jeweler. I created an abstract/organic flower made out of silver and brass, under the teachings of jeweler Brian Gibney.

Brian, thank you for your assistance and push to bring my creativity to life.