Drop the Heavy

September 23, 2015

“Drop everything that weighs you down” ~ Anonymous


Where does my life feel heavy?

Where does my life feel not right?

Where do I feel low?

Let Go.

Let go.

Where do I feel heavy?

Where do I feel low?

Where do I feel not right?

Let go.

Let Go.


Do these words exist within your life, at this moment?

Can you easily separate yourself from those things that are making you feel heavy and low?

Can you just as easily let them go?


The let go…births the lightness of our beings…and allows true transformation to happen…the simpler we become…the more we let go of the heavy…the truer we are…the straighter our path…because it allows us to know where we are…with no pre judgement or expectation…a knowing on how to move forward…the ideas come to light as we lighten our load.

Light Your Way.

A Simple Human.

I can have a kind life, one where I wake up with the emotion of bliss every day, because I have given the heavy away where it has a chance to find its true light and not be attached to me – an equal of heavy to it.

Each of us are made of light.  Lighten my heart and appear the true path.


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