E-Commerce the Future

August 5, 2015

SteinMart Blouse FrontSteinMart Blouse Back








E-Commerce, the way to purchase goods online.

Styling, an approach to putting a garment or object in front of a camera for a ‘stylistic’ approach.  To help the consumer see what the garment will look like when worn.  This is my work as a stylist.

SteinMart Blouse ArmSteinMart Blouse Front Shoulder Detail








E-Commerce some people seem to love it or not. As consumers become more hand fixated with the cellphone, iPad, and other technology outlets, e-commerce is building ground on selling to consumers who want to look good, feel good, and do not necessarily want to go into the store anymore to try it on.

Flowing garments like these are easily worn and light to ship, giving headway to technological advancements made simple.


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