February 7, 2014

Tonight I was invited by the Creative Director of Meskita, the temperature is right at a freezing point, the snow is heavy, and my feet are bundled into my snow boots.

I hail a cab along the stretch of dark asphalt outside my Upper East Side apartment. I jump in and direct him to the Lincoln Center, to Fashion Week.  We take the corners that New York City offers us  and the one, two, three traffic lights.   We coast the bend of a right turn into Central Park, along the lake and the pond.  The Park, a magical place where the whitest snow carries a hint of indigo and the largest area of untouched snow in the city at night.

In twenty minutes we are approaching the sidewalk entrance to the exquisite Lincoln Center.  The lights pour into the heavens here as the darkness of the park falls behind us.

About to walk into the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in snow boots and a dress…hmm.

The entrance is dark with a red electric sign, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, A/W 2015 it reads as the LEDs cycle.

I supply the greeter with my ticket and am guided into a tent with analogous reds and purples in accent lighting, art, and decor.

A guard directing tells me and a photographer that the Meskita show was already over and we had missed our chance.

I bit my lip.  When I say I am going to come to something, typically unless I become sick, I am there.  My mind starts scrolling, I just missed possibly the only opportunity to re-meet the Creative Director and meet the Designer Alessandra Meskita in person finally. Three meetings, interviews really, and this was my last opportunity to meet Alessandra and create a work opportunity.

Another guard comes out of the curtain, drawn as a hallway and around the barricade, to the other guard “Meskita is about to start”.

The energy  shifts through my eyes, heart, lungs, my throat opens, voice settles, I tap the photographer, “Come On!”

I get to my section, find a small gift and a guide and sit.   Around the room, some of the most influential people in Fashion, Advertising, Film, and artists of a plethora of genres standing and sitting around the runway.  The lights start to flicker and lower to a soft darkness.

And the show begins:


Read and see images in Beautiful Savage’s online magazine.

From the show by Ashley Chase: Alessandra Meskita AW2015






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