August 2, 2013

by Michael Tosner “Primogenesis”

2004 NOVEL > Primogenesis, paper back, written by Michael.

The story of a woman built for survival as an alone warrior; change occurs when she is met with a figure of the future during her relaxation in the flowing waters.

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Michael Tosner, author to Primogenesis brings the reader into a new world. The  story is written with such imaginative detail and scientific discovery, the reading moves quickly under the eyes of young adult and adult readers alike.  Unique, futuristic and historic – a mere slight resemblance to “Farenheit 51″ by Ray Bradbury and “1984” by George Orwell.

2013 FILM > Primogenesis by Present Day Productions.

Short film script: written, directed, and filmed by Michael Tosner.

Cast: Lead Actress – Natasha King, Gille Men – Gage Cass & Michael Konovelchick, and Tribal Man – Chi Chi.

Crew: Laura Weyl – Assistant Director, Punit Chhabra – Camera 2, Allen Ferguson – Slow Motion Camera,  Jesse Parks – MAU & Hair, Ashley Chase – Costume Design, and Mark Hopper – Blacksmith.


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