November 10, 2015

Its taken me years to understand the meaning of this word, “raw”.  Tonight in conversation with a friend and colleague, we sat on a porch by your choice, make it a coffee or a tea, hut.  We spoke about many things: work, family, relationships, and evolution.  What it means to strip the layers we’ve placed upon ourselves for times as children and teens needing to ‘fit in’.  These comments came in and out, binding my mind, clouding it but for all good reason.  Replacing the question of what is the meaning of the word “raw”?

I wrote something the other day, I’ll share it here, perhaps you’ll like it:

2015 The Boundless Carries Me  by Ashley Chase on 10.21.2015

After reading, what do you think it means, the word raw?

Dying Butterlfy Coney Island

Photo by Daryn Henry on Coney Island Boardwalk

Creative Direction, Designer/Stylist, and Model Ashley Chase


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