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April 20, 2015

Dao Lotus

April 19th, 2015 I was invited to go to a ceremony this evening via a mentor I met in 2014, after moving back to Atlanta, from New York City.   As a child wanders some days, I as an adult do the same, and after months of constant activities for my work and classes to keep improving and growing myself, pushing myself and overcoming fear I found myself at the end of last week puzzled.  Where is my life going?  Who am I?  What is my purpose anymore?  I am doing waaayyyy too much and I do not understand what I need to let go of, or which direction I need to focus on.  Only thing I see in my minds’ eye is a clear vision that constantly pops up when I can relax myself enough to see it.

I have been asking, meditating, praying, and speaking out loud to the universe asking repeatedly for more clarity.

I am asked to go to a ceremony…a Dao ceremony…I have heard of Dao and Tao (same).  I know some from my own practice of meditation and yoga, but what was I invited to?

Naturally I asked a good friend of mine to join me, and he like myself, intrigued, decided to come.

I drove an hour outside of Atlanta to a foreign town, to a beautiful place set amidst the bright green foliage Spring has to offer.   I was handed slippers and a white wet cloth to wipe my hands and take off my shoes, to come into the house ‘clean’.

As I sat down in a chair among an assembly of white long tables, I was ‘puzzled’ as to what I had come to? What was going to happen?

My mouth makes its ‘hmmm?’ facial expression as I start introducing myself to these other women and men at the table…asking them if we were here to observe the Dao ceremony?  One Chinese man turned to me and said, “Oh no, I believe we are here to receive the Dao.  We are in the ceremony.”


My eyes were enlarged, I was taken back, and a breath released from me that was somewhat a relief and an unexpected nervousness.  What I knew about receiving the Dao was that it was a very special ceremony and part of someone’s life when their spirit had reached a certain affinity, or spiritual development.

Had I?  Thoughts of…Am I worthy, what have I done to deserve this, has my soul evolved that much, I have a good heart but still have bad days, I am still confused.

We were asked to come downstairs, my heart is pulsating, there are women and men “nun like” dressed in navy with white collars all around us.  Ten minutes into the ceremony, I now understand why I was invited.

I knew why my soul had said yes to the invite and why the severe intrigue to something I barely knew about, but knew I was meant to go, to be.


Dao, is not a religion, it is a state of being, a clarity of focus and an inner connection to our true face, our highest selves at each and every moment we choose to “love or to fear”, to stay true or to live false.

The ‘Way’.

I left the ceremony brighter and with more clarity, and the need to treat myself better.  As I normally take on too much, and never get to the projects I really want to do, my soul suffers and loses its center. Typically leaving me puzzled.  I had been meditating and asking for a restart.  A blank canvas so I may start to create my life from here again.  And this is exactly what I am to do… Much love to you for reading.


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